Discover the pump control of BRINKMANN PUMPS.

Intelligent pumps for your future.

Industry 4.0 in perfection: Utilizing bplogic pump control allows to intelligently integrate BRINKMANN PUMPS' know how between machine tools, pumps, filtration systems and other components.

bplogic adapts perfectly to the existing sytem environment – no matter which variable frequency drives are used.


Device features

  • Aluminum housing (modular I/O-concept)
  • 7" color display
  • Proven M12 connections for sensors and actuators, fast and easy wiring
  • No limitations to mounting direction

Predictive maintenance

Smart Data acquisition for practical applications like:

  • Wear detection
  • Maintenance-planning
  • Run-time estimation
  • Redundance/control, activation of standby pumps

Soft sensors

  • Pressure measurements without pressure sensors
  • Flow rate measurements without flow sensors

Advanced applications

bplogic is a smart field device capable of monitoring and controlling valves and other hardware components. It can also be used for control tasks normally executed by the machine tool.


  • Fieldbus-connection, Modbus RTU, PROFINET RT
  • Ethernet-based communication
  • Optional cloud-connection via OPC-UA/MQTT
  • Optional Wifi-connection for mobile devices (without separate app)

Basic applications

  • Plug-and-pump-solution
  • Open and closed loop operation
  • Operation of 2 pumps in series or up to 6 pumps in parallel
  • Level control for pump back systems
  • Operation of up to 6 applications in parallel


  • Long-term logging of various signals (incl. CSV-export)
  • Event-logging with clear text user prompts (error display / error correction)
  • Logging of operating hours / display of energy consumption (per application and individual pump)
  • Oszillograph (up to 8 signals in real-time)
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